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world class service from professionals who care

At Shadow Lake Collision Center, we are committed to quality! 

We inspect the damage and quote the repairs to ensure that your vehicle is as good as (or better than) new! While keeping you and your family’s safety in mind.

Discover what Shadow Lake Collision Center can do for you today!

Body Repair — Our Process

Before starting any repairs, an inspection with the customer and our highly trained estimator is required to come up with a repair plan. At this time, we will discuss items such as repair vs replace, parts usage, Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) repair procedures, time line of repairs, occupants in vehicle at the time of the accident, drivability issues and cost. Protecting your investment and repairing vehicles properly is our main concern.

Upon an approved estimate using OEM procedures we will schedule the repairs for a time that is convenient for you. Original parts order will be received before your drop off your vehicle for repairs. We leave room in our schedule for non-drives so we can get you back on the road as soon as possible.

Once you drop off your vehicle for repair’s we prewash vehicle and map the repair process using posca markers. This mapping process insures we have complete communication with the team performing the repairs. At this time, we also perform a pre-scan of your vehicles electronics to see if there are any stored codes caused by the accident.

The vehicle then goes into our disassembly department. We perform a meticulous disassembly of the area that was affected by the collision, replacement parts are mirror matched for accuracy and damage, typically we will always find hidden damage or fasteners that will need to be replace, we refer to this as a supplement. Our estimator will then call you to discuss the supplement and get your approval to move forward with the process.

Structural and cosmetic repairs are then performed by dedicated highly trained technicians. This step in the repair process is the most critical, every vehicle manufacturer has different OEM procedures that we must follow to ensure a safe and quality repair.

Once the structural and cosmetic repairs are completed, your vehicle will move into our Refinish Department. We have two state of the art down draft bake booths to insure a factory like finish. Our refinish technicians have a keen eye for detail and color match. We pride ourselves with the ability restore the finish of your vehicle and make the repairs undetectable.

The vehicle is then reassembled insuring fit and function. A completion scan is performed once everything is done to ensure the electronics are operating properly. ADAS (advanced driver assistant systems) will also be recalibrated to ensure the systems are working properly.

Our repair process is very detailed, which gives our team the best outcome for a high quality, fast and safe repair. Each step of the process we have a hard stop where our management team does a quality control check before it moves to the next step. Rest assured any quality issues are caught before we return your vehicle to you.

At Shadow Lake Collision Center, we are specialists in automotive body repair and paint. We also have the most advanced techniques and processes for this type of repair in the Midwest!  Our dedicated and attentive staff will achieve the results you want for a cost.

Our hours of operation are Monday-Friday, 7:30 am – 5:30 pm. Call us at 402.763.5200 and get your vehicle fixed today!