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At Shadow Lake Collision Center, we are committed to quality! 

Often, when a collision occurs, there is a need to have suspension parts replace and a wheel alignment performed to ensure your car or truck handles properly.

Our professional technicians and mechanics painstakingly review each component and throughout the process look at both the damage caused by the accident as well as anything that should be corrected as we proceed; often finding damage that would have gone unnoticed. 

At Shadow Lake Collision Center, we take the process diagnosis, review, and subsequent repairs to your vehicle as it was our own.  Please call us today at (402) 763-5200 to schedule an inspection.

Maintenance Overview

There are maintenance services that must be done often to the car for its best performance, many times our customers do not know how often this should be done, one of them is the wheel alignment and tire balancing.

Although commonly, wheel alignment and tire balancing are two services performed together, they are very different from each other, but how do I detect which service my car needs?

When you drive, your car moves to the right or left without you indicating the change of direction, then it is necessary to verify the alignment of the vehicle.


But, if your steering wheel vibrates for no reason or makes strange noises at different speeds, your tires are probably wearing uneven due to the vehicle being out of alignment, often times you may have suspension parts that will be wore out and need of replacement. Once the alignment is done your tires should be balanced or even replaced if the tire wear is substantial.

The alignment is a procedure of mechanical-digital verification of the geometry of the steering system of the vehicle according to the chassis where it is supported. Most late model vehicles also have what they call a steering angle sensor that must be calibrated during the wheel alignment. The (SAS) also effects how your Advanced driver assistant systems operate and perform.

Proper Alignment Saves Your Tires
It is the proper placement of the tires so that they are aligned parallel to each other and perpendicular to the road. This service is very important because, in addition to preventing tire wear, and fuel savings it is also vital for your and your family’s safety!

At Shadow Lake Collision Center, we are specialists in suspension repairs and wheel alignments.  Contact us today.