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At Shadow Lake Collision Center, we are committed to quality! 

Hailstorms in the Midwest can surprise us with their onset.  Wether the storm was a minute or seemed to last forever, the damage done to your vehicle can be unnoticeable or present a ruined finish.  Our expert hail damage repair team can assist with both minor, paintless dent repair or more in-depth repairs to both the body and windows.   Truly, we can assist with a variety of options that put your vehicle back to the condition it was before the damage; or better!  

Hail Damage Repair — Our Process

Each vehicle and the hail damage received is unique.  We look at each dent and assess the proper technique for repair. We then provide that assessment to you and or your insurance agent. 

Once the initial estimate is approved, we put your vehicle into the schedule; typically, 2 – 3 days for minor repairs.  For major repairs we may need a much longer time span to replace panels and we will review our plan with you prior to implementation.  If your insurance agency does not have rental included in your insurance policy, we have options for you if needed.


Our Work:
Attention to detail is vital and our team of certified professionals take great care with fixing every dent and scratch.  Our review focuses on, but is not limited to:

  • Metal parts: dents of different intensity
  • Laminated glass: impacts, notches or even holes
  • Tempered glass: total breakage
  • Headlights and lights: breakage
  • Moldings and trims: dents and breaks
  • Plastic parts: breaks and holes

Our process, knowledge and superior equipment allows our team to choose the best possible path to completing the repairs timely and cost effectively.   Contact Shadow Lake Collision Center today to schedule an inspection of your vehicle.

Nebraska’s Weather Historically has Hail
From 2016, there have been reports of 52 damaging hailstorms in the Omaha area, according to We have all seen pictures in the news of hailstones as big as golf balls and baseballs. But, according to the National Storm Damage Center, even a chunk of hail larger than three-quarters of an inch can cause serious damage. In addition, the NSDC points out that hail can fall at speeds of up to 120 miles per hour. That means that during a hailstorm, your car can suffer significant damage.