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world class service from professionals who care

At Shadow Lake Collision Center, we are committed to quality! 

Shadow Lake Collision Center leverages advanced dent repair techniques, which when combined with our dedicated, professional and certified staff, to ensure that your vehicle’s surface is as smooth as before the damage occurred.   Furthermore, our expert paint matching process will give your vehicle’s paint a seamless look from bumper to bumper.

Regardless of dents, dings, creases or a more intense collision, you can trust that our team is the right choice.  We will restore your car or truck to a like-new condition and make sure that the process is pain free.

Types Paintless Dent Repair

Paintless Dent Repair is the process to repairing a damaged panel with out damaging the factory finish. This process is simply using metal shrinking techniques to bring the metal back to its original shape. Aluminum sheet metal is more difficult to repair than your standard steel sheet metal.

Currently, there are two repair techniques: internal and external access. In the first case, it is known as the rod or leverage technique, which seeks to apply pressure from the inside to the outside of the affected part (in the opposite direction of the dent) to return the original tension of the sheet metal or aluminum. In the second repair technique glue tabs are used on the external side of the panel because of limited access to the inside. The glue tabs are then attached to a puller which allows us to bring the dent back to its original shape. In both cases we have limited damage to the factory corrosion protection which is a preferred method over conventional dent repair. Every dent varies in size, location, and access. Sometimes a combination of the different techniques are applied.

Among the advantages of the internal access or rod technique we have:

  • Greater versatility due to the different rods that can be used
  • Increased repair range for medium to large dents
  • Superior finish quality thanks to the use of special lamps which, due to the effect of light distortion, show the imperfections


In Shadow Lake Collision Center, we are specialists in paintless dent repair. Attention to detail is vital, and our staff makes great effort to ensure no dent is left ignored, leaving your vehicle as good as new!