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At Shadow Lake Collision Center, we are committed to quality! 

Windshield repair for chips, cracks, spider webs to full breaks is part of our everyday process.  Near invisible repairs can be done to restore both your unobstructed view and strength to your windshield. 

At Shadow Lake Collision Center we also specialize in full replacement when the restoration process calls for it.

world class service from professionals who care

Repair or Replace

When faced with a broken windshield, the question of whether the part can be repaired or whether it should be replaced directly has to do with the type of breakage involved. It all depends on the extent of the damage, the depth of the impact, and where on the glass surface it occurred.

Windshields are considered a safety component of your vehicle. Passenger side air bags use the windshield when deployed. Most newer vehicles also have cameras in the rearview mirror that are used for adaptive cruise. Do not trust just anyone to replace your windshield, it is a very important component for keeping you safe when involved in an accident. We provide convenient options for auto-glass repair and with a typical same day repair.

Discover what Shadow Lake Collision Center can do for you today!